Sliding Scale / Low Cost Services

Do you need a counsellor but face challenges with financial resources?
Seeing an intern (counselling graduate student) can be a excellent way to get the help you need. Some of the benefits of seeing an intern incldue:

  1. The energy and enthusiasm of an intern can be unmatched
  2. Their caseloads are monitored and reviewed by qualified supervisors
  3. Their schedules are often more flexible
  4. Reduced cost counselling. At $50 per session, intern-counselling can be an affordable way to get the weekly sessions you need at a manageable price point.
  5. They typically have a smaller caseload, allowing them to review and research the latest research related to your concerns
  6. Interns are freshly out of school where they learned the most up-to-date research and trends in psychology and clinical tools

Starting in January 2021, our interns will open the waitlist at TalkOnline BC for virtual sessions.

To join the waitlist, simply complete the submission below:
We are welcoming and inclusive of all genders, beliefs, sexuality, couple of typos revised and work with ages.